How to Build Your Rental Portfolio

A Rental Portfolio tells a landlord about you. Having all your documents and information in one place will prepare you for housing search. Let's start by identifying commonly requested information, organizing your documents, and tips on how to talk about your rental history.

Be sure to include your rental resume in your portfolio. Get started on your rental resume: How to Make a Rental Resume.


(for every adult in the household)
Social Security Number

This allows the property manager to run a background check.

Driver's License

If you do not have a license, you can use a passport or state ID.

Income Source (ex: pay stubs, social security, regular gifts, etc.)

How often and how much do you receive each month?

Rental History

Where have you lived in the last 5 years?

Employment History

Provide your work history; you can use your resume.

Professional and Personal References

Who can give you a good rental reference?

Bank Statements

Show the last two months of banking information.

Credit and Criminal History

If applicable, check your credit and criminal history.

Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance

May be requested if there is a parking spot with the rental unit.



Print out or collect hard copies of your documents (listed above).


Place all documents in a folder or binder.

resume (3)

Label all documents for easy reference.

document (2)

Bring extra copies of documents to landlord (if the landlord asks for it).


Be familiar with your documents.
Practice explaining your documents and history.