How to Explain Your Rental Barriers

Applicants are often denied from rental properties due to certain barriers such as credit, criminal, and/or rental history. However, you can increase your chances of getting approved at a rental property by advocating for yourself. Applicants who can successfully advocate for themselves are more likely to get approved at properties. Typically, property managers need an explanation of what was going on when a certain incident occurred. If you can thoughtfully explain your rental barriers, then property managers are more willing to give you chance at their rental property.

Writing a letter

One way to advocate for yourself is by writing a letter to explain your rental barriers. When you submit your rental applications, you can submit this letter explaining your rental barriers. You can either attach the letter to the online or paper application or email the letter directly to the property.

Credit Letter Template

Eviction Letter Template

Criminal History Letter Template

Tips on writing your credit, eviction and/or criminal letter

State specific items property managers will see when they run your application. For example: If you were evicted from a property list the month and year you were evicted and the property name.

This is not the time to explain your whole life story. Explain your barriers in just enough detail so the property manager knows what you were going through. Stick to the facts and try to keep your letter within one page.

If you have multiple rental barriers it is acceptable to write one letter explaining them. It is okay if this letter is longer than one page but try to keep it no longer than two pages.

You want to let the property manager know you will be a responsible tenant and take this opportunity to house your family seriously.

Have someone look over your letter to check for content, grammatical, and spelling errors. Remember, the small details count!