Mitigation Funds

Creating Moves to Opportunity (CMTO) Mitigation Funds are available to property managers as added security when leasing to a family through the CMTO Program. These funds offer up to $2,000 for qualifying damages when a CMTO family vacates the unit. Although security deposit and other lease fees are designed to cover costs to a property manager to make the unit rent ready after a tenant moves out, sometimes repairs exceed the amounts collected.

Complete the Mitigation Fund Request and send a copy to

Any property manager who has leased to a family through the CMTO program and the family has vacated the property within 18 months of the lease date.

CMTO Mitigation Funds are designed to cover costs associated with move out that are not covered by the security deposit or cleaning fees. Mitigation Funds can be used to pay for damages above normal wear and tear that exceed the amount of the security deposit and other non-refundable fees.

CMTO Mitigation Funds do not pay for unpaid rent, late charges, lease break charges or fees.

1. Funds must be requested within 30 days of when the tenant vacated the unit.

2. Complete a request form and attach the following:

  • A move-in condition report signed by the tenant and the property manager
  • A move-out condition report
  • Documentation of necessary repairs and estimated or actual costs, could include photos, receipts, invoices
  • Notices to tenant for any unpaid charges included in the claim

3. Submit the completed claim to Any claim award prohibits the property manager, or anyone else, from requesting reimbursement from the tenant, the court, or other assistance entities.

Fill out the document:

1. Click the "download" icon, which looks like a sheet of paper with an upside-down arrow.
2. After the form is downloaded, click on the document to open.
3. A new window should open with the document.
4. Fill out the shaded areas and print or save the document.
5. Or click the "print" icon to fill out the form by hand.