Property Managers

"I would definitely recommend working with the CMTO Program. [CMTO] prepares tenants to be good tenants [...and] helps at every single step, they go from the application all the way through the inspection. I've got wonderful tenants that are doing very well."

-Stephine Stewart, LC Park Place Apartments Property Manager


Opportunity Area Map

Find out if your rental unit is located in an Opportunity Neighborhood. CMTO eligible areas for King County Housing Authority are in purple and Seattle Housing Authority are in green. You can also check by entering your rental unit address in the top right-hand box.

Program Benefits

If you are a property manager, who has a vacancy or anticipates having one in the near future, we would like to hear from you! By participating in CMTO, we can help you meet your financial goals and also provide families with a place they are proud to call home. You offer valuable homes for families; we offer you a range of services and incentives.

Direct Connection

We have dedicated staff available to respond to your concerns and offer a free inspection of units leased to ensure units are up-to-date with Housing Quality Standards.

Responsible Tenants

We will work with tenants in advance to ensure they understand the responsibilities of maintaining their home and lease compliance.

Risk Mitigation

We offer a fast-track lease-up process to minimize vacancy time. In the event of unit damage, renting to families on our Housing Choice Voucher program can help you qualify for reimbursement through Washington state’s Landlord Mitigation Law (RCW 43.31.605). The state mitigation fund offers up to $1,000 to the landlord in reimbursement for some potentially required move-in upgrades, up to fourteen days’ rent loss and up to $5,000 in qualifying damages caused by a tenant during tenancy for landlords renting to tenants receiving rental assistance.

Learn more about qualifying for the Landlord Mitigation Fund: Landlord Mitigation Program (


Ready to find out more

CMTO staff will work with you to ensure an efficient lease-up process.

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