How to Make a Needs vs. Wants List

Finding the right place for your family can be difficult. One of the things you can do is create a Needs vs. Wants list to help you figure out which features are important for your family and which are nice to have, but may not be a requirement. Use the Needs vs. Wants worksheet below to brainstorm what you need and what you want.

You can use filters on most housing search websites to help you find homes with everything you need. Click here for more information: Where to Start Searching for Housing


Fill out the document:

1. Click the "download" icon, which looks like a sheet of paper with an upside-down arrow.
2. After the form is downloaded, click on the document to open.
3. A new window should open with the document.
4. Fill out the shaded areas and print or save the document.
5. Or click the "print" icon to fill out the form by hand.