What to Expect with Inspections

After the Request for Tenancy Approval (aka RFTA or Leasing Kit) is submitted and affordability of the rental unit is approved, an inspection of the rental will be conducted. The inspection allows the Housing Authority to ensure your home is safe with proper living conditions. Your home must pass inspection before you are able to move-in and your Housing Authority will pay their portion of the rent.

Before the Housing Authority inspects your home, it is a good idea to walk through the home with your landlord and take note of broken and damaged items. That way the landlords can fix these issues before the inspection from your Housing Authority occurs.

Inspections are important and helps the Housing Authority ensure that you and your family are living in a safe, decent, and sanitary home. Within the first year of your lease, you will be notified that you will have an "Annual Inspection." Typically, every household will have one inspection a year.

Visit your Housing Authority's website for information about inspections: