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Neighborhoods have a big impact on your family, influencing things like health, quality of education and long-term economic outcomes for your children. Research shows that children who grow up in opportunity neighborhoods are more likely to go to college and earn higher incomes as adults. We know that moving to higher opportunity areas can be challenging. That's why we are offering education, coaching and financial assistance through CMTO to help alleviate those barriers. Whether or not a move is in your near future, the information and resources you will get through CMTO can help you decide which neighborhood is best for your family and be more successful when submitting rental applications.

Learn About Opportunity Neighborhoods

Explore King County Neighborhoods and the Interactive Maps
Review the Opportunity Neighborhood guides and explore what each community has to offer. When you find a rental unit, check the address on the map to make sure it is located in an Opportunity Neighborhood. Visit Opportunity Neighborhoods on your own time to find out what neighborhoods you like.

How to Market Yourself

How to Talk to Property Managers
Contacting property managers about available rental units can be intimidating. Review these templates to help you prepare for the conversation, whether you are meeting in-person, sending an email, on the phone, or leaving a voicemail.

How to Explain Your Rental Barriers
Credit, criminal, and eviction history can be difficult to address with property managers. Check out some tips and letter templates to help you communicate your history with potential property managers.

Explore Eviction and Housing Resources
If you need help with eviction issues, housing, and/or financial resources. Look into the local resources to help you reduce potential rental barriers.

How to Make a Rental Resume
Make a list of places you have lived in the past five (5) years with addresses, dates, and contact information for each landlord. Think of 2-3 people you can use as a reference on your rental applications. Create your Rental Resume to use when you start applying for homes.

If You're Being Discriminated, Know Your Rights
Learn more about Source of Income Discrimination (SOID) and how you can address issues with potential property managers regarding your housing voucher subsidy.

Planning Your Housing Search

How to Build a Rental Portfolio
Get your documents together to prepare for your housing search. Having all your documents in one place will allow you to complete applications and provide information as needed to potential landlords.

How to Make a Needs vs Wants List
Create a list of things you need and things you want in your new rental unit or community. This will help you narrow your search and make the best decision for you and your family.

How to Create a Housing Search Plan
Start searching for homes online to see the types of home available in neighborhoods you like. Put together a Housing Search Plan.

Where to Start Searching for Housing
Now that you are ready to start your housing search, check out some helpful websites that list units and tips on looking for rentals.

How to Fill Out a Rental Application
All rental properties will require you to complete an application to be considered for the unit. The blank rental application questions are typically and can be expected as you apply for rentals.

Financial Planning and Assistance

How to Create a Budget and Savings Goal
Examine your budget and spending habits using the Budget and Savings Goals worksheet. Start putting aside money towards your savings goal.

How to Dispute Credit Report Errors
Look at your credit report and see if you need to dispute any errors or if you can start paying down any debts you may have.

How to Access Financial Assistance
Moving can be expensive, if you need financial help to pay for some moving costs, you can complete the financial assistance request packet and submit it to

Once You Have Been Approved for a Unit

What to Expect with Inspections
Learn more about inspections, who conducts them, common reasons why a unit fails inspection, and when inspections happen. Every Housing Authority does things a little differently, but follows the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Housing Quality Standards inspection protocols.

How to Read Your Lease
After you lease a new rental unit. Make sure you read through your lease and understand your responsibilities.

How to be a Great Tenant
It is important to be a great tenant! Refresh yourself on common ways to make yourself a successful tenant.