Creating Moves to Opportunity

Creating Moves to Opportunity (CMTO) is a housing search assistance program offered to families with young children who receive a Housing Choice Voucher. CMTO provides families an array of services aimed at reducing rental barriers to support them in moving to opportunity neighborhoods.

Innovative research shows that where people live matters, especially for young children. Kids who grow up in opportunity neighborhoods are likely to earn more money as adults and are more likely to attend college as compared to their peers who live outside of opportunity neighborhoods.

Families participating in CMTO will have access to a team of service professionals that will assist them in pursuing housing located in opportunity neighborhoods. CMTO is a joint project between Seattle Housing Authority and King County Housing Authority with services are provided in partnership with InterIm CDA.


Children growing up in Opportunity Neighborhoods are more likely to:

Earn more income
in adulthood.

Attend college
compared to their peers.

Chetty, Raj, Nathaniel Hendren, and Lawrence Katz. 2016. “The Effects of Exposure to Better Neighborhoods on Children: New Evidence from the Moving to Opportunity Project.” American Economic Review 106 (4). Learn more at The Equality of Opportunity Project.

About the Creating Moves to Opportunity Project

The Creating Moves to Opportunity project aims to generate new knowledge of effective ways to promote and facilitate families’ housing mobility in the United States, and is an ongoing collaboration between housing practitioners and researchers. Several Public Housing Authorities have signed a letter of intent to indicate their agencies’ commitment to the CMTO effort. Seattle and King County Housing Authorities are the first to implement a demonstration pilot. The CMTO research team is led by Peter Bergman (Teachers College, Columbia University), Raj Chetty (Stanford University, J-PAL), Stefanie DeLuca (Johns Hopkins University), Nathaniel Hendren and Lawrence Katz (Harvard University, J-PAL), and Christopher Palmer (MIT Sloan School of Management). MDRC, a non-profit research evaluation firm, is assisting in the design and implementation of the Seattle-King County pilot project. Learn more at Poverty Action Lab - CMTO.

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